Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Never 'Nothing To Do Around Here'

"There's nothing to do around here!"

Sound familiar?  That is the standard lament of youngsters everywhere, no matter which zip code they claim as their own.

Yet it would be a "Fake Whine" if uttered by residents of the Lake of the Ozarks!  There are so many things to do in and around the Lake area that it would take more than a month to get to all of it.  And that's why the area was named the "Best Recreational Lake in the U.S." by USA Today back in 2015 (the last year they published such a poll).

Here at LOTOTODO (no, it's not a stands for "Lake Of The Ozarks To Do"), we are dedicated to helping visitors find the best places to see and play while they are here.  This includes Restaurants, Attractions, Shows, and Events.  Each week we will feature things to do (yes, even during the winter, when most people mistakenly believe the Lake shuts down).  This site will also offer some insights into favorite sights and sites around the lake.  (Four "sites/sights" in one sentence...pretty impressive, huh!  Meanwhile, middle school English teachers across the country just experienced an inexplicable shiver...)

Obviously the main draw here is the lake itself, with fishing, boating, water skiing, jet skiing, tubing, boogie boarding, wake boarding, cruising, bar hopping, and an entire subcategory of adult "ings" at Party Cove like nude sunbathing, skinny dipping, partying, etc.  However, there are lots of non-lake things to amuse and entertain, including the Main Street Music Hall, the Ozark Amphitheater, and the incredible lineup of big name stars coming to Shawnee Bluff Winery such as the Bellamy Brothers, Tracy Lawrence, and 70's mega-group Foghat.  Mix into that not one but two water parks including Big Surf and Margaritaville's Jolly Mon Indoor Water Park, four go-kart tracks, four mini-golf courses, a fistful of real golf courses, the escape room at Lake Escape, the Jetz Trampoline Park, Zippy's ZipLine, and year-round fun at Bridal Cave, and it's easy to see how you'll run out of vacation long before you run out of things to do.

So we hope you'll take the journey with us and check in each week to find the latest updates, stories, and Fives (lists of the Top Five restaurants, attractions, and other arbitrary lineups to stir debate, create online havoc, and light the fuse on Twitter wars galore) as we bring you LOTOTODO.

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